Qualified Teams

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Qualification Rules

The top three Club teams from the 2021 or 2022 National Beach Ultimate Championships were offered a bid to participateat EBUCC2022. If the winning team couldn’t attend, the other teams were invited in order.  Winners or finalists of the 2018 European Beach Ultimate Club Championships were also offered a bid. For more details, see the Roster and Eligibility Rules.

Mixed Division Teams

2022 Polish Mixed Champions

2021-2022 Spanish Mixed 3rd Place

2022 Italian Mixed Champions

2022 Italian Mixed Finalists

2022 Israeli Mixed Champions

2022 Germany’s Mixed 3rd Placed

2022 Czech Republic’s 3rd Placed

2021 French Mixed Finalists

2022 Swiss Mixed Finalists

2021-2022 Spanish Mixed Champions

2022 German Mixed Champions

2019 UK Mixed Champions

2022 Swedish Champions

2021 Czech Republic’s Mixed Champions

2021 Portuguese Mixed Finalists

2021 Dutch Mixed Finalists

2021 Irish Mixed Champions

2021 Austrian Mixed 3rd Place

2021 French Mixed Champions

Italian Mixed 3rd Placed

2021 Austrian Mixed Champions

2021 Austrian Mixed Finalists

Women’s Division Teams

2019 Danish Women’s Champions

2021-2022 Spanish Women’s 4th

Portuguese Women’s 3rd Place.

2021 Swedish Women’s Finalists

2022 Swiss Women’s Finalists

2019 UK Women’s Champions

2011 French Finalists

2021 Portuguese Women’s Finalists

2021-2022 Spanish Women’s Finalists

2021 Spanish Women’s Finalists

2018 EBUCC Women’s Champions

22021 Swedish Women’s Champions

2022 Italian Women’s Champions

2021 French Women’s Champions

Open Division Teams

2022 Italian Open Champions

2022 German Open Finalists

2021 Portuguese 3rd Placed Team

2021-2022 Spanish Open Champions

2022 Belgium Open top three placed teams

2021 Portuguese Open Finalists

2022 German Open Champions

2022 Belgium Open top three placed

2021-2022 Spanish Open 3rd Place

2021 Portuguese Open Champions

2019 UK Men’s Champions

2021 French Open Finalists

2021-2022 Spanish Open Finalists

2021 Latvian Open Champions

2021 Irish Open Champions

2022 German National 3rd Place

2021 Irish Open Finalists

2022 Polish Open Champions

2022 Swiss Open Finalists

2021 Swedish 3rd Placed

2021 Swedish Open Finalists