Round 2 – shake it up baby!

Round 2 – shake it up baby!

The second round of games has just finished, and the excitement continues!

First and foremost, Heni’s  (Henrietta Papp, SOTG director), and Pavlo Vyplavin’s feedback on  Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is very positive. From our perspective on the sideline, it is impressive to see the communication and “avoiding body contact” happening real time right in front of our eyes in highly competitive games.

After an exciting first round, there are some unexpected wins and losses in the second round…  where the 2nd in each pool played the 4th and the 1st played the 3rd. In the mixed division, 3 of the 4 mixed teams with significant wins in the first round lost in the second round. Russo Turisto (Russia) beat GRUT (Netherlands) in universe, and UFA (Portugal) lost to Mubidisk (Spain) by 13-7. Corocotta from Spain also lost, by 13-9 to Cobras (Russia).

In the women’s division, keep an eye on Spinners from Denmark (in photo). After winning  against Dyki Krali (Ukraine) in the first round, they also won against Catchup Women (Austria) in this second round, by 13-9. Cremas, the local women’s team, is also rocking the pool play, with a 13-5 win against Yellow Fujiver (Czech Republic) in the first round and 13-4 against Rebel Ultimate from Ireland in the second round.

The men’s division was not less exciting, and with Freespeed opting out of coming to EBUCC, the Bern based Scorillaz took the bid to Barcelona. Only 2 years old and with few experienced players, although they gave the top seeded Russian Shadows a run for their ruble, they wound up losing 13-8.

In the upset category, the Slovenian Cosmo Maribor pushed the 2nd seeded Swedish KFUM Orebro, who after a couple of breaks traded points to win 13-9.  The Slovenians looked far better than their last place in the group, with quick steps and solid conditioning running the length of the field  without breaking stride.

Fendisc from Spain  handled the Belgians from Bruge with relative ease, where Fendisc showed the classic Spanish spirit and  pumped each other almost to the point of frenzy. Freezzzbeezz was able to put some nice throws together but Fendisc dominated physically and won the game 12-9.

It will be interesting to see how the the pools shake out with team positions today fully deciding placement for the pre-quarters starting at 9 am tomorrow!


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