Day 1 and pool games are over – and what a day it was!

Day 1 and pool games are over – and what a day it was!

What an amazing day of top-level beach Ultimate. The three pool games are finished for all divisions, defining the final position of each team within their pool and therefore their opponent in pre-quarters tomorrow morning.

Comparing the original seeding with the final outcomes, there are some very interesting results. In the mixed division, three of the four teams, Mainzelrenner from Germany (see photograph), Russo Turisto (Russia), and Midnight Cobras ((Russia) maintained their first position going into pre-quarters. In group D, however, the first seeded team TBC from Great Britain, ended up fourth and Chupacbras (Czech Rupublic) who was seeded third, ended up first.

A couple of teams are worth keeping an eye on, such as the HuskEZ All Stars, initially seeded last in Group C, and climbing to second after pool play. Mubidisk from Lanzarote also came up from fourth to second, impressive for an island team!

Kudos to the Spanish women for having both of their women’s teams, Cremas and Parrochas, switch their second seeds with the originally placed first seeds ZUF (Switzerland) and Spinners (Denmark), respectively. The Russian ladies, Cosmic Girls, maintained their first seed, while their compatriots Elvis Presley dropped from first to third. Both the women’s and men’s (see photograph) Slovenian teams had an outstanding day, surging past their fourth seed spots to secure second in their respective groups/divisions.

The men’s division also had some upsets, starting with the first seeded team, Mighty Hucks from Great Britain in Group A, losing all their games to finish last in the pool. Two teams, Magic Disc Angers from France and RealFive from Russia, maintained their top positions. Unexpected rises from fourth to second from both Vira o Disco (Portugal) and Nova (Ukraine).

What a great day of beach ultimate! With rain and wind in the forecast, let’s see how teams respond in pre-quarters, starting at 9h00 tomorrow!

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