KAIUAKABOOM, the rain is coming down on round 2!

KAIUAKABOOM, the rain is coming down on round 2!

After a wet quarter-finals, we now have a very clear picture of the 12 teams in each of the three divisions.

There was lots of excitement in the men’s division, and the first call-out to the Spirit Committee was needed as emotions ran high between KFUM Orebro and the Moscow team Real Five as they fought for a place in the semi-finals. Things were quickly resolved, and it must be noted that there was also some great spirit, with a caught disc down as well as a player calling himself out after attempting to do a greatest. He jumped up and declared that he had touched the ground before he got the disc off and as such, no score was recorded.  It was amazing to watch and luckily you can watch it on FanSeat!

In the end Real Five pulled out a 13-8 win beating KFUM guaranteeing their place in the semifinals against FAB, who beat Shadows by one point in a hotly contested showdown ending in universe point. Besides the Russians and the Swiss, we can look forward to an all Spanish semi, guaranteeing at least one Spanish team will be in the finals. Enhorabuena to Murcielagos for beating FreezzzBeezzz 12-10 and to Fendisc for their 13-7 win against Magic Disc Angers.

As the day went on, temperatures dropped, the rain kept coming down, and conditions got more difficult for the mixed round. After a wet and slippery quarters, looks like there will not be any southern European teams in the semis. Like the Spanish in the men’s division, the Russians will enjoy seeing at least one of their teams in the finals, after Midnight Cobras beat UFA by 11-6 and Russo Turisto beat Mubidisc 11-8.

The women’s division was no less exciting. Not surprisingly, the undefeated Cosmic Girls have guaranteed their spot in the semis. They will be playing against Spinners, who beat out the local team Cremas in universe point. The other semi will be Seagull vs ZUF, after strong wins against Parrochas and Yellow Fujever, respectively. So, after elimination of the two Spanish teams in quarter finals, there will also not be any Southern European women teams in the semis.

At this point the rain has stopped… so pray to the Frisbee Goddesses!



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