The end of day 2 – meet the finalists of EBUCC2018!

The end of day 2 – meet the finalists of EBUCC2018!

Another rainy round…. But oh, what a round it was! All teams have now finished their games and are ready to play for position tomorrow. Everyone looks wet and happy as they come by the main tent where the music plays to the sound of the rain to enjoy a beer, food, or to connect with friends. As expected there is a lot of talk of games, what went wrong, amazing plays and players. Wet ultimate at its best, to be honest.

There were some amazing games this round, so do take the time to set up an account and watch all the semis and finals on FanSeat and appreciate Ulti.TV’s great work. As tough as it is to lose that spot for the final, we’re sure that the 3rd position game will be awesome to watch tomorrow!

Starting with the men’s division, Real Five (Russia) won against FAB (Switzerland), which represents the first loss of the weekend for FAB. The other semi winner, Fendisc, eliminated their Spanish compatriots Murcielagos at universe, unlike their matchup from the February 2018 Spanish national beach championships where Murcielagos came out on top.

In mixed, we have GRUT from Netherlands in the finals, after defeating HuskEZ All Stars from Austria by a wide margin. HuskEZ, must be proud of their run travelling from last in their pool during their initial group position to reach the semifinals.

Both Russian teams Midnight Cobras and Russo Turisto battled it out in the other semi in a finger biting game to universe, with insane physicality, grabs, and layouts for discs gone astray by both teams! Cobras and Russo often play against each other back home and prepared for this tournament intending to go all the way. Incredible to watch a third game of the day going to 11-10 with both teams looking like they had plenty of gas even into the later stretches of the match.

In the woman’s division, it was no major surprise that the Cosmic Girls (Russia) continued to to rule their games, in this case winning the semis against the Danish Spinners. In the other semi, the Seagulls dispatched ZUF in a back and forth game where the Hamburg women moved the wet disc more flawlessly, and will therefore be playing in the finals against the Cosmic Girls.

Tomorrow there’s more… all teams will finalize their positioning games, starting with the women’s division at 9h00 followed by the men’s and then mixed. Finals starting at 12h00, keep posted!

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