Position games are finished – and finals are up!

Position games are finished – and finals are up!

The last day of games started with the women battling it out in the rain on wet sand to finalize their position games. The temperature dropped significantly, and the beach looked like it was missing the sun as 14 of the 16 teams finished competition.

In the women’s division, the bronze goes to ZUF from Switzerland after a strong win against the Ultimate Spinners. Regarding the original seeding in the women’s division, special mention goes to Seagulls from Germany for climbing from their 8th seed into the finals. Catchup Women from Austria also rose significantly from their initial ranking of 12th to end up 6th after losing in the last game to the Parrochas… which end up 5th.

There were also upsets in the opposite direction, such as Elvis Presley dropping from the 2nd to 11th, and West from Switzerland from 5th to 9th. Considering that this was the first Club Championships on beach, it is important to note that the original ranking has some wrinkles that will be greatly improved in future editions.

The rain was relentless throughout the men’s positioning games in the second slot of the day. The bronze medal in this division went to Murcielagos after a close 12-11 win to FAB (Switzerland). As much as we all love to win our last game of the day, FAB can go home proud with this result considering their initial ranking of 9th. The Freezbeez from Belgium also climbed up from 13th to 8th and Cosmo Maribor from Slovenia from last to 11th. In the opposite direction, we saw Mighty Hucks from Great Britain drop from 1st to 9th.

As the mixed teams hit the sand, the sky finally started to peek from behind the cool cloud formations framing the sea and mountains to the South… and the rain finally slowed down. Big congrats to HuskEZ All Stars from Austria for taking the bronze medal from Russo Turisto in universe point, and in so doing climbing from their original seed of 14 to 3rd! Tourne Disc from France also finished the tournament on top with a final position of 7th after losing all the games in their original group on day 1.

And now we have the finals to look forward to. With a Russian team in every division, the games are guaranteed to be awesome to watch!





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